Operating process and precautions of easy glue sticking

发布时间:2019-06-18 10:58


How to stick Taiwan g

old foil and imitation gold foil

1; First, the white embryo of the product is processed well, then the primer is sprayed, and the primer does not need to be too smooth.

2; If glue is thicker,you can diluted glue with thinner,ratio is 1:1, do not need to add PU thinner if glue is thin

3; Thinner glue is better, the dry time is 1.5 hours then stick foil (if you do not know whether the glue is dry, you can touch the glue with your back of the hand, if sticky hands, start to gilding)

4: After finishing the foil cleaning, you can spray varnish until the next day. we recommend to spray the 24k varnish, it is better and brighter.

5; Stick 24k pure gold and Taiwan gilt foil, the dry time of glue is 24hours then stick foil , complete gilding and dried until the next day, spray 24k protection oil.