Edible gold leaf

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Edible gold foil can be added to wine,cakes, coffee, tea, hot pot, cooking, condiments, cosmetics, bathing agents, improve the quality of the products, show the luxury style, increase the festive atmosphere, prolong life, beauty station.


Chinese name: edible gold foil


Role: improve product quality, show luxury style


The earliest period: the Qin and Han Dynasties


History first: China


Recommended for edible gold foil; 24K pure gold foil,


The choice of mask and skin care products is 18K or 22K. In general, it depends on the individual consumption level.


Specification: 9.33*9.33cm is 500 sheets per pack

8*8cm is 25 sheets per booklet, 500 sheets one pack

There has different gold content of 8*8cm

4.3*4.3cm is 500pcs per pack




[scientific name] edible gold foil


Edible gold foil can be added to wine, cakes, cakes, coffee, tea, hot pot, cooking, condiments, cosmetics, bathing agents, improve the quality of the products, show the luxury style, increase the festive atmosphere, prolong life, beauty station.


The history of edible gold is the first in China. As far back as the Qin and Han Dynasties, Huaxia Regal had records of edible gold foil and gold powder. Modern, Japan, Southeast Asia is also popular to eat gold foil, according to ancient records, gold can be "town spirit, bone marrow, Tongli five dirty evil, serving the gods", "gold foil can eliminate evil, antipyretic, trouble, peace of mind, "Heart and blood", "Edible gold foil can soothe the beauty, prolong life."


In 983, the Codex Committee on Food Additives of the World Health Organization officially listed 9999 natural pure gold in the category of food additives as No. 310 of Table A.


The 8th class of minerals and trace elements of the new food resources issued by the Ministry of Health of China clearly defines the edible function of gold foil.


China's Niuhuang Angong Pill, Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, Wuji Baifeng Pill, Dahuoluodan and other valuable Chinese patent medicines are all used in gold foil. Long-term consumption of such products can play a role in detoxification and beauty. The micro-current generated by the gold foil is basically the same as the current of the human body. Therefore, it can promote blood circulation and purify blood through the action of negative ions, and has an antibacterial effect, and is used for medical treatment of burns, burns, and the like. For a long time, because of the rare and precious gold, edible gold foil is only recognized in a small area, and most consumers do not know. According to modern medical research, gold foil enters the human body to form a gold-valent monovalent compound, gold salt, which can effectively precipitate toxic substances in the body, clear blood vessels, regulate and improve the body's immune function, and thus has obvious curative effect on hypertension and heart disease.


The edible gold foil we are introducing now is only one ten thousandth of a millimeter in thickness, and there is no concept for this thickness. As the metal itself is opaque, but the edible gold foil has been thin enough to be transparent to the light, so the use of "thin as a flap" to describe, in fact, is much thinner than the flap, the tension of the water will It is broken and it is impossible to pick it up with your hand.



For gold jewelry, almost no one knows, but have you heard of gold food? As early as in the Tang Dynasty, the Chinese have already recognized the health and medical effects of gold. Ming Li Shizhen’s "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: "Food, the spirit of the town, the bone marrow, the Tongli five evil spirits, the god of the service. Especially the gold foil into the pill Distribute clothes, break the air, remove the wind."


In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, the “golden food” has been blowing again. At present, the edible gold foil in Japan and Southeast Asia is popular. Gold foil dinner, gold foil wine, gold foil water, gold foil candy and gold foil cake have become on the market. High-end rush. In some large cities in China, “food” is not only for health care, but also a symbol of identity. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently 31 companies producing gold foil wine in China. Some experts have analyzed that because people are paying more and more attention to health, “food” is not only satisfied with the high-end consumer class, but also highly likely to be popularized among “middle-class” people. However, what criteria should the “food” be based on?


In recent years, the company's customers who bought gold foil as a raw material for food suddenly increased. However, since the company's products used to be used for building decoration in the past, it has never been used as a food raw material. Can it be very confused as a food raw material sales company? Because gold does not help to eat dead people, isn’t there a saying that “swallowing gold and dying” in ancient times?” Later, the gold foil factory consulted the government’s regulatory authorities and consulted the data and discovered that the WHO Codex Committee on Food Additives officially Gold is included in the category of food additives, and gold foil is also included in the substances released by the Ministry of Health of China as materials for new food resources. In this case, the gold foil factory began to sell to food production companies.


The gold used as a “import” for food is not an ordinary gold brick, gold bar or gold ring. The gold used in the food ingredients must be processed gold foil. According to legend, Ge Hong, the alchemy of the Jin Dynasty, created a gold foil process. This kind of fine processing of pure gold through more than ten processes, making gold of different sizes into a neat, thin, foil-like gold foil, becoming a kind of Chinese nation. Special traditional craftsmanship, known as "China's one must", this process can make a gold ring into a gold foil equivalent to the size of the basketball court. Later, the gold foil process was gradually spread to Japan and spread overseas, becoming the world's gold jewelry processing technology and prosperous. Gold foil is widely used in antique architecture, modern architecture, gold plaques, etc., such as gold stickers for Buddha statues, gold for carving beams, gold for decoration, and so on. Because it is as thin as a flap, the molecular structure is easily separated and absorbed, so it is the best choice as a food material. But how many gold foil should I add in a ton of wine? How much gold can an adult eat at most? These standards are inconceivable, and it is urgent for relevant departments to make provisions through scientific research, because this aspect is related to the physical health of the people, and on the other hand, it is closely related to preventing profiteering and maintaining a normal market economic order.





The history of gold medicinal herbs has a long history. The traditional Chinese Pharmacopoeia has different descriptions of various medicinal functions of gold. Li Shizhen believes that gold can be used to break the air and remove the wind. According to the "Pharmaceutical Theory", gold has a good effect on the heart of the town and the soul of the soul. "Materia Medica and New" said: Jin has the effect of Shuganqi, Dingxinzhi, Meridian, and joints. As early as 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians used gold for dental beauty and gold teeth for patients with severe tooth decay. In ancient Rome, doctors used gold to treat skin diseases, and the gold-coated wounds no longer ulcerated.


In the history of modern medicine, gold began to be used to treat immune diseases. It was also found in the study that gold has strong antioxidant properties. Gold, even as a decoration, is a recognized luxury. If gold is 1 nanometer, that is, one billionth of a meter, and then used in beauty skin care, is it another extreme luxury?


Gold Foil Cosmetics is a special treatment and processing of 24K gold through nanotechnology. It removes the harmful nickel elements in gold, adds red and trace elements and collagen that are beneficial to the skin, and re-forms them into granules. The gold foil absorbed by the human body penetrates into the dermal papilla layer of the skin, and after deep into the skin, it slowly releases active gold ions containing various trace elements such as selenium, activates the cells to rejuvenate the cells, enables the cells to have an automatic repair function, and promotes subcutaneous collagen. The fiber cells of the protein are produced in large amounts.


If your skin is suffering from allergies or chemical poisoning, if you are worried about finding a product that suits your needs, then pure gold foil skin care is your first choice!

The unique effect of natural pure gold foil (24K active gold) products:

Anti-aging, anti-oxidation, decomposition of residual toxins of heavy metals in the dermis

It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions to slow the secretion of melanin and prevent the formation of pigmentation.

Decomposes residual chemical toxins in subcutaneous tissue to achieve detoxification

Capture free radicals and enhance skin immunity

Wrinkle removal, whitening, enhance skin antioxidants, soothe the nervous system, regulate and balance oil secretion.

Promotes negative ion activity in body tissues and lymph glands, promotes cell regeneration, and promotes blood circulation and metabolism.

Promotes skin's full absorption of collagen, nutrients and plant extracts, delaying skin aging.


“Nano Gold” is the immediate absorption of the skin by gently massage. After nanotechnology treatment, the “golden element” penetrates into the dermis layer from the skin, and the surprising effect is immediately visible. Because the skin obtains this energy, through the three principles of Hebo Jinghua Golden Sphere Quick Guide "Organization Metabolism Theory", "Circulation Improvement Theory" and "Nano Gold Sphere Release Theory", it produces more collagen to fight free radicals. It counteracts the root cause of skin aging and directly solves the core problems of wrinkles, sagging, dullness, pigmentation and water shortage. It completely reduces skin aging, restores skin and stays smooth, firm, radiant and even. Moisturizes the younger state, thus achieving the anti-aging effect of beauty and soothing.


Nano gold is a new substance created by atomic reconstruction of molecules. Simply put, gold is nano-sized (very fine) to enhance the absorption of products. After the age of 26, women's skin begins to age. At this time, the use of “nano gold” can effectively improve the skin renewal function, stimulate the skin's new strength, deepen the skin, regain the fine texture, eliminate the age spots, and reproduce the radiance.


The principle of the gold beauty method is because the gold will release negative ions when it comes into contact with the skin, and the positive ions in the human body will echo each other, promote the flow of ions in the blood and tissues, generate new energy, thereby improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. The beauty industry calls this phenomenon "golden revitalization." In fact, gold itself does not improve the skin's role. Gold foil is added to skin care products, mainly to enhance the introduction of nutrients. The conductivity of gold itself is relatively strong. Adding it to skin care products can make the active ingredients absorb faster and deeper, achieving better results. Moisturizing effect.


The active gold foil contained in the gold foil is an active material extracted from 24K gold. Its main function is to promote cell metabolism, activate aging cells, and promote cell regeneration.


At the same time, the active action of 24K gold causes the skin to produce a large amount of fibrous tissue, which fixes the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, making it difficult for the skin to sag due to gravity or age. The silk fibroin and rosehip extract contained in the product have strong hydrating and detoxifying and anti-aging effects. Helps reduce body MDA levels and helps cells increase SOD supplementation.


Moisturizing and hydrating principle: 24K gold activity and high stimulating effect make the subcutaneous circulatory system improve, bring a lot of nutrients, and accelerate the renewal of skin cells, thus achieving metabolic functions such as childhood, the skin is naturally rosy, moist and smooth.


The principle of skin firming and wrinkle removal: When 24K gold is implanted into the skin, the collagen and elastin in the skin will increase in activity under its stimulation, thereby synthesizing gold, and increasing the amount of subcutaneous collagen fibers, and the aging skin can be improved. Tightening, wrinkles disappear.


The principle of whitening and blisters: the use of active gold promotes a large number of capillaries under the skin, increasing blood flow, metabolizing the melanocytes at the bottom of the skin, so that the skin spots are lightened and the skin is white and tender.


Aristocratic pure gold foil to adapt to the crowd: 25 years old and above 60 years old for men and women apply, specific allergies, except for severe scars.